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According to TÜV Rheinland (technical monitoring association) about 30% of all pv systems are faulty or inadequately installed.

Apart from that, new regulations and laws are permanently being issued. In this case, an expert is needed.

Our well-trained experts are always up to date with new regulations and are specialized as follows:

Construction monitoring and inspection:

Prevention is better than cure. This way you can be sure that your pv system is free of faults and avoid any possible inconvenience.


Many faults and deficiencies are hardly visible to the untrained eye and manifest their devastating consequences only months or years later. In most cases, this is too late, the damage is done, warranty periods and guarantees are expired, or in the worst case your provider has gone bankrupt.


With our professional monitoring service planning and installation errors can be recognized early, so they can be eliminated during the installation process. The assessment before the inspection conducted by an independent provider gives an objective picture of the quality of your investment and your installer.

Our services:

  • planning inspection / contract evaluation
  • creating and evaluating your profit forecast
  • checking the static design
  • construction monitoring (on a daily basis or to inspect individual stages)
  • assessment of technical due diligence
  • support during inspection / certification on the absence of faults for inspection

Profit and performance control:

Using cutting edge measuring processes we can determine the reason for reduced output and design your individual remediation concept.

Frequent problems are:


  • deficient cells due to permanent clouding/dirt.
  • low-quality modules show high output reduction even after a short time or they were flashed incorrectly.
  • Profit forecasts were calculated too high.

Our services:

  • evaluating your profit forecast (financing) and performance
  • analysis and fault localization in case of reduced output
  • characteristic measurement
  • thermographic imaging

Preservation of evidence and value determination:

With a sound examination of the state of your pv system, you are in a solid position for negotiations in case of problems with your provider, insurance company or component manufacturer.

Apart from the assessment of the damage, we support you during the enforcement of your claims and the final problem-solving process.


Our services:

  • damage assessments for preservation of evidence
  • damage assessments for insurance companies to clarify the cause of the damage and to determine the obligation to indemnify/ amount of damage
  • determining and evaluation of material defects for complaints to the manufacturer
  • evaluation of your pv system (in case of insolvency, inheritance, damage or sale)

Our Experts and their Qualification


Dr.-Franz Hauk

expert for pv systems (TÜV-technical monitoring association)

2002-2006Techincal University Munich: engineering + UC Berkley, USA: engineering/plant construction, environmental technology
2006-2010scientific assistant in power plant engineering at the Institut für Energiesysteme (institute for energy systems), TU Munich
2011promotion Dr.-Ing., (PhD) specialization energy technology
Since 2008expert for pv systems
Since 2009CEO of MaxSolar GmbH Traunstein
Since 2012TÜV-certified expert for pv systems

Georg Feldmann

State-certified electrical engineer

job training electrician and IT systems technician
further education: state-certified electrical engineer
AdA-certificate (license to train others)
Since 2014VdS-expert for pv systems, specialization E-Check, storage installation, medium voltage wiring

M.Sc. Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Univ. Harald Frindt

project engineer (TÜV), quality management and technical expertise

studies: industrial engineering, specialization machine construction
Since 2013TÜV-certified expert
specialization: general certificatio, examination using measuring and gauging equipment and profitability assessment
Any questions? We will be pleased to help you!