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Byodo organic food Mühldorf

Organic and innovative! This new Byodo store offers fresh organic food at the factory outlet, combining renewable technologies, creativity and environmental awareness. As»…«

Knott Eggstätt

With a peak performance of 805 kW, this photovoltaic system produces more than 900 MWh on an industrial roof in the southeastern Bavarian region, which is used pro rata »…«

PV Frankenthal

This public cooperative society project is unique so far. With 4 MWp, the rooftop system at the Amazon logistics center near Ludwigshafen in Rheinland-Pfalz is probably »…«


In cooperation with the public cooperative society Inn-Salzach eG, EGIS for short, we realized a flagship project with the solar park Wachenbrunn. Since May 13, the plant»…«