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Energy Management and Industrial Storages

Technologies for energy storage are an important topic nowadays. They are not only a great success for energy management which is a very important issue of the turnaround in energy policy. But furthermore power storage systems support the self-sufficiency of the public grid provider. Take the first step into the future of energy supply and use your own produced power!

There are many reasons to use the self-produced electricity for private consumption. And with modern battery systems it´s easier and more lucrative than ever before. At the same time you also gain some safety and autarky concerning the rising energy costs as well as power failure etc. With a storage system you can increase the private consumption in your business and cover up to 70% of your own electricity consumption.

It pays!

Lithium Batteries have become cheaper and more efficient so that it´s possible to use them cost-covering. By the way, it is only about the size of a refrigerator and can easily be placed everywhere!

We will be happy to generate the exact financial calculation for your business as part of a personal consultation, including an analysis of your consumption behavior.

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